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Capsule Sensing Pressure Gauges


  1. Low range with high accuracy

  2. All SS internals

  3. Accuracy ±1% FSD

  4. Compact design avoids use of bulky manometers

  5. Ingress protection class IP-68

  6. These Pressure Gauges are well suited for low-pressure measurement

  7. The sensing Element Capsule is made of 2 Stainless, Steel Laser-welded      Diaphragms. 


• Visual Inspection

• Dimensional Verification

• Accuracy Test

• Hysteresis Test

• Leak Test

• Influence Of Mounting Position

• Degree of Protection

• Effect of Mechanical Vibration


•  Effect of Mechanical Shock

•  Endurance Test With Steady Pressure

•  Endurance Test With Over Pressure

•  Endurance Test with Cyclic Pressure

•  Safety Blow-out Test

•  Thermal Stability Test at Rated

•  Temperature effect Test

•  Energy release Test 


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