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Orifice Plate Assemblies With RTJ Holder


The Plate Holder Assembly is a combination of plate holder and an orifice plate designed for ring tongue joint (RTJ) flanges. The plate holder has a function of holding the orifice plate and also a function as a gasket to prevent leakage of the process fluid. The plate holder has a oval or octagonal ring for mounting between ring type joint flanges.This metallic sealing system is applicable to a fluid of high temperature and high pressure. The pressure tapping system normally is of the flange tap type. 


• May be used on Liquid,gas or Steam

• Life expectancy typically 10-20yrs

• Rangeability dependent on DP cell used

• Materials of Construction in all metals and some plastics

• Easy to install

• Straight unobstructed upsteam pipe length is required 


• PMI Test

• Hardness Test

• Dye Penetration test

• Hydro Test

• Radiography Test 



• Magentic Partical Test

• Calibration


• HIC Test 



Instruments Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Cement, Pharmaceutical

Oil Exploration/Refineries/Petrochemicals Chemical Fertiliser Pulp & Paper Power Generation Metallurgy