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RTD With Temperature Transmitter


IRTD temperature transmitters convert the RTD resistance measurement to a current signal, eliminating the problems inherent in RTD signal transmission via lead resistance. Errors in RTD circuits (especially two and three wire RTDs) are often caused by the added resistance of the lead wire between the sensor and the instrument. Transmitter input, specifications, user inter faces, features, sensor connections, and environment are all important parameters to consider when searching for RTD temperature transmitters. 


• Linear over wide operating range

• Wide temperature operating range

• High temperature operating range

• Interchangeability over wide range

• Good stability at high temperature

• Most Accurate 


  • Calibration

  • Nitrogen leak test

  • Dimensional check

  • Insulation resistance (>100 M ohm @ 500VDC at 250C)

  • Continuity


  • Vibration test

  • Drop / Shock test

  • Self heating error test

  • Response time test (In situ-water flowing @ 20 ltr. Per second)

  • Autoclave test

  • Hot IR 



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Original Equipment Manufacturers,

Cement, Pharmaceutical,

Oil Exploration/Refineries/Petrochemicals Chemical Fertiliser Pulp & Paper Power Generation Metallurgy Synthetic Fiber 


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