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General Instrument products are made with fine precision, latest automation, and by qualified professionals. They are tested and certified as per industry standards' organizations. Our products are pre-approved on most large company procurements world-wide.

Resistance Temperature Detector

Precision Industrial RTD's


Any industrial installation has several electrical thermometers such as Thermocouples & RTDs. At a regular interval, these instruments are required to be checked against a ‘Standard Industrial RTD’, which has an accuracy to the level of 1/10th DIN.General with its vast experience in design and manufacturing of precision instruments has developed ‘Standard PT100 Industrial RTD’ which caters to such requirements of client. These RTDs are traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and are either provided with Original Calibration Certificate from NPL with very low level of uncertainty or Internal Certificate traceable to the National laboratory. These Standard RTDs are manufactured with 4 wire design to deliver highest performance. 


• Linear over wide operating range

• Wide temperature operating range

• High temperature operating range

• Interchangeability over wide range

• Good stability at high temperature

• Most Accurate 


  • Calibration

  • Nitrogen leak test

  • Dimensional check

  • Insulation resistance (>100 M ohm @ 500VDC at 250C)

  • Continuity


  • Vibration test

  • Drop / Shock test

  • Self heating error test

  • Response time test (In situ-water flowing @ 20 ltr. Per second)

  • Autoclave test

  • Hot IR 



Instruments Manufacturers,

Original Equipment Manufacturers,

Cement, Pharmaceutical,

Oil Exploration/Refineries/Petrochemicals Chemical Fertiliser Pulp & Paper Power Generation Metallurgy Synthetic Fiber 


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