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Lined (Sleeved) Thermowell


One of the most economical solutions to protect the thermowells from chemically agressive fluids is to provide a bar-stock flanged thermowell made out of conventional stainless steel with loose lining in the form of a sleeve on the entire wetted por tion. This will provide strength from stainless steel & corrosion resistance from the lining. 


Excellent Durability High Strength Standing High Pressure Standing High Tempreature Availibility In Different Material 


In-House Test Facilities for Thermowell 

•  Dimensional

•  Hydro Test

•  Bore Concentricity

•  Dye Penetration Test

•  Threading Check

•  PMI Test

•  WFC


Optional Test

•  Hardness Test

•  PWHT-Post weld heat treatment

•  Intra Granular Corrosion Test

•  Corrosion Test as per A293 Method C

•  Ferrite No. Test

•  Impact Test

•  Radiography for bore concentricity & weld joint as applicable

•  Physical,Chemical& Micro analysis as applicable

•  PMI Test

•  IBR Test 


Consultants, Instruments Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Oil Exploration/Refineries/Petrochemicals Chemical Fertilizer Pulp & Paper Power Generation Metallurgy Synthetic Fiber 



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