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General Instrument products are made with fine precision, latest automation, and by qualified professionals. They are tested and certified as per industry standards' organizations. Our products are pre-approved on most large company procurements world-wide.

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Multiport Level Top Mounted Level Switches


This is top mounted type level switch provided single or multiple set points. It uses float that glides on the surface of liquids. This level switch consists of Terminal Enclosure, Float Stem with Reed Switches and Float with magnets assembled inside. This type of level switch can be used for single or multiple level controls. When level rises float travels with the liquid on the float stem and when it comes in contact with the reed switches located at a predetermined length of the stem, due to magnetic force reed switch changes its contact. This type of level switch is used for lengths upto 4500 mm. It is recommended to use perforated still well for lengths more than 3000 mm. 


• Float level switch with application upto 100 bar and 350 deg cent application

• Heavy walled floats for critical application

• Tight sealing versions for float sensors with switch to enable correct application
   solutions, with sealing internals at 10(-3/-4) mbar ltr / sec available

• Inser tion length defined for 4500mm

• Switching differential upto 2 mm

• Durability defined on sealing and pressure and temperature application

• Improved reliability with dual opposed magnet design which provides snap action

• Applicable with various versions of MOC's depending on pressure and
   temperature, versions with Stainless and steel, hastealloy, monel, PTFE, PP,      
   Titanium available

• Versions with flange, screwed, welded available

• IBR versions available

• Applicable for H2S, NACE, cer tified

• Radiography level - 1 versions available

• Switch is CCOE approved and cer tified for IP67, IP65

• Switch cer tified for group IIA/IIB, IIC

• Switch enclosure at die cast alluminium and SS available

• Application with PTFE lined at special 1.6 mm thickness and PTFE floats for critical    media available

• Versions with ATEX and FM cer tified available 


• PMI Test Bench

• Hydro Test bench Meeting shell Test

• Calibration

• Helium leak Test on Contract


• Radiography Test on Contract

• IBR testing and compatibility

• Float Test 


Refinery,Petrochemical,Chemical,power,Radioactive,Fertilizer,Food,Pharma,Metal Industry Application 



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