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General Instrument products are made with fine precision, latest automation, and by qualified professionals. They are tested and certified as per industry standards' organizations. Our products are pre-approved on most large company procurements world-wide.

Resistance Temperature Detector
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Bimetal Dial Thermometer


The Bimetal thermometer employs a bimetal strip in the form of a helix (it works on the principle of thermal expansion - two metals having a different coefficient of expansions are joined to form a bimetal. The resultant expansion of bimetal is proportional to temperature). Bimetal dial thermometers are simple in construction, yet rugged. They are used for measurement of temperature in most of the industrial applications. They are offered in the range of (-) 50oC to 600oC. With rigid stem having a bottom or back entry. It can also be offered in every angle rotatable construction. 


Rugged construction Bottom/Back entry, every angle construction Fast response Protection class IP-67 Accuracy ± 1% FSD High repeatability, low hysteresis Hermetically sealed case 


• Accuracy Test

• Over Range Test

• Hysteresis Test

• Response Time Test

• Repeatability Test

• Vibration Test

• Load Test

• Mounting Position Test

• Ambient Temperature Compensation

• Capillary Compensation Test

• Thermal Stability Test


• Hermetical Sealing Test (For Bimetal Temperature Gauges)

• End nipple Test(For Bimetal Temperature Gauges)

• Hose Down Test

• Switching Accuracy Test

• High Voltage Test

• Insulation Test

• Contact Resistance Test

• Altitude Test

• Cyclic Test


Pharmaceutical Oil Exploration/Refineries/Petrochemicals Chemicals Pulp & Paper Power Generation Metallurgy Cement Synthetic Fiber Fertilizer Instrument Manufacturers Original Equipments Manufacturers 



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